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Copendium of Group Projects
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Emerging Tech Group 1: Drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

Drones: A Presentaion


Wendy Thompson

James Murdoch

Meredith Moore

Kimberly Crowley

Emerging Tech Group 2: Wearable Technologies

Wearable Technologies: A Presentation


Hafiz Saleem

Daum Ward

Sheila Connely

Francisco Santiago


Emerging Tech Group 3: Gamification

Gamification: A Presentation


Johanna Guerrero

Dennisa Brown

Dowayne Davis

Ruth Reitelman

Emerging Tech Group 4: Robotics

Robotics: A Presentation


Fahima Bacha

Richard Cottone

Stephanie Talalai

Luis Ramirez

Emerging Tech Group 5: BYOF

BYOD: A Presentation


Jennifer Vanyi

Peter Mattaliano

Remberto Jiminez

Patricia Holzman


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