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Our Journey
Our Milestones
Summer '15

The common motif for our first summer institiute in the Ed. Tech. Leadership program turned out to be 'nervouness.' Yet, the camraderie that developed among the cohort members helped alleviate the level of anxiety, right on the day one.

Summer '16

This section will be updated in July, 2016. Stay tuned for the update!

Summer '17

This section will be updated in July, 2017. Stay tuned for the update!

Connect With Cohort Professors
Dr. Laura Zieger

1-(201) 200-3420 
Dr. Christopher Carnahan
Dr. Chris Shamburg

1-(201) 200-2546
Dr. Cordelia Twomey

1-(201) 200-2547 

1-(201) 200-2545 
Dr. Leonid Rabinovich 

  1-(201) 200-2564
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Lite Highlights

Dance with Our Cohort Song!

Cohort III Song - Cohort III
Dr. Carnahan's Drones Take to the Skies (sort of)

After the exhilarating experience of flying drones the EdTech Elites were challenged to write applications for both the K-12 educational setting and the private or professional sector.  We enjoyed listening to how our peers were able to think outside the box!

Dr. Zeiger's NAO Humanoid Goes Gangham Style

In Need of a little bit of 

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